Site update

To anyone who sees this, please accept my apologies. Building a website is light years outside my comfort zone. Or my Zone of Competence.

My job is supposed to be to write fascinating copy, copy that will attract you to the site and cause you to anticipate the release of my fiction and to purchase same. This is the assignment I’m failing, and this is the reason for my apology.

Stories–stories, working them out, drafting, fixing, all the beautiful, sweaty, delirious concentration of getting them down and then getting them right–that’s my happy place.

And my big wish for the coming year is that I will complete and release some stories that you will like. My grandmother used to have a saying about wishing in one hand and spitting in the other. Which hand fills up the fastest? What she meant was, wishing is a nice way to spend a few minutes here and there, but the power that makes wishes come true is concerted, sustained effort. Work. For me, work means making stories. Work is hallowed endeavor, whether it’s making stories or making bricks or making columns of figures add up properly, so I honor it.

In the meantime, I’m sorry for the lack of chatter and decorative badges that I admire so much on the blogs of other people. Truth is, I have no idea what you might like to read here while I’m out back building tales.

Would you like to see some of the subjects I’ve been researching for the coming stories?

Comments are on, but are moderated. Sorry about that, too, but it’s necessary to keep spammers and trolls from hitchhiking on my site. I will try to approve genuine comments quickly.


L. R. Dennis